Bathroom Remodeling Choices You’ll Need To Make

May 6, 2016 at 2:35 pm | Category: Bathroom Remodeling

When you’re planning your bathroom remodeling project, there are many things you can change, but all in all you will have a lot of selections you’ll need to make.

You may be planning to change your entire bathroom area which means you’ll also be selecting a new bathroom vanity. The vanity is the cabinetry and sink that make up your bathroom sink. Since you’re remodeling, you can select any type of vanity you like and can even use it to base your complete design on.

For instance, you may want to create a contemporary bathroom because you love the look of a teakwood vanity cabinet with a solid granite top, glass sink or vessel, with beautiful fixtures that go well with your options. A waterfall oil rubbed bronze faucet would look beautiful in this application.

From there, your contemporary design would extend to the flooring and walls, so you can select colors and textures as well as materials types for your flooring that would look great with your bathroom vanity selection.

Subway tile is popular for walls and comes in many color and design options. Bamboo flooring is a hot new floor type that you’ll love because it’s not only out of this world gorgeous, it’s a highly desirable eco-friendly material.

Bamboo flooring comes in several species that give you options from very dark and beautiful flooring to the lightest of flooring with a lighter bamboo species. You can decide between plank widths as well, even to the wider options. Bamboo grows fast and is actually a grass, not a wood, so it makes an easy to replace resource for quality building materials. It grows extremely fast which makes it very renewable.

Outfitting your bathroom space isn’t that difficult because everything else can just be suited around what you’ve already selected. What’s left in major options will be your light fixtures and lighting types, the type of shower and bathtub fixtures you want, your hardware on cabinetry, and your tub or shower faucets, shower heads, and spigots.

Your faucets and other small fixtures should go with your sink faucet and spigot you already have an idea for. So really all that’s left is paint or wall texture and whatever luxury options you want.

For larger or smaller bathrooms, you’ll want plenty of space to hide away your personal items. You’ll have to consider storage space for:

– Towels
– Extra Toilet Paper
– Personal Hygiene Items
– Bathroom Cleaning Supplies
– Haircare or other grooming products
– Extra soaps & shampoos, etc.

Ensuring your bathroom remodeling is done to suit your needs and wants makes for a great project that gives you everything you’re looking for. It’s your bathroom, so there’s no sense it making it to suit anyone other than you. Call the contractors at Jaw’s Contracting when it’s time to make your plans and we’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for in your new bathroom!

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