Why Vinyl Siding Is A Top Exterior Improvement Choice For Oregon

October 18, 2017 at 4:29 pm | Category: Siding

Vinyl Siding in St. HelensVinyl siding is one of the most popular choices in siding you can make today. It is so popular because of its affordability, durability, easy maintenance, and many options in style and color.

Since vinyl siding is an easy to maintain exterior cladding, it is a cost-effective solution for installation or replacement. There is very little to maintain with this type of siding because it withstands the climate very well. The wind, sun, rain, wind storms, and other natural elements are no match for vinyl siding.

If you want a siding product that is good looking and cost-effective, you’ll be interested in finding out more about your options in vinyl. Our St. Helens remodeling company at JAW’s Contracting install vinyl siding all the time, so we know all about the benefits and why customers most often choose it for their homes.

Siding Has Changed – New Vinyl Siding Colors & Textures

Today’s vinyl siding is available in a myriad of colors, textures, and styles. It can now match just about any material you desire. Years ago, homeowners had very limited choices in vinyl, but today it comes in styles that look exactly like wood but is completely different in wear and strength. You’ll also be able to choose other textures such as those that faux stone and faux brick. Vinyl siding is also easy to repair when it does become damaged.

Instant Improvement With Vinyl Siding Installation

If you want your home to look new again and stand out in your neighborhood, vinyl siding is a great way go. Let us take that old, worn out siding on your home and replace it with our best selling product.

Your home is important and everything in it is protected by a good siding choice. Your valuable assets, the content of your home and everyone living there, needs to be secure and safe. Our vinyl siding will not only update your home but will provide better security and protection for you and your loved ones.

Insulated Vinyl Siding For Improved Home Energy Efficiency

Anytime you can improve the energy efficiency of your home while remodeling, it is wise to do so. This not only lowers energy bills, it makes your home more valuable than the rest. The more value, the more equity builds up.

Extra insulation can be added to your vinyl siding installation and there are styles that already have it adhered to the back. Vinyl siding in itself improves your insulation factor, but for those who are interested in saving even more on energy, adding another layer to the vinyl siding is a great choice.

You’ll soon see the many benefits of your new siding and will be so thrilled about how your home looks that you’ll be inviting people over just to show it off. Imagine every surface of the exterior of your home’s structure looking fresh and new, all while keeping you optimally protected. Contact your residential interior and exterior specialist today!

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