4 Ways Replacement Windows Can Save You Money

February 3, 2017 at 10:42 pm | Category: Window Replacement

St. Helens Replacement WindowsWhen it comes to replacing the windows in your home by our St. Helens remodeling pros, many homeowners only tend to think of the project in terms of just another expense to add to the cost of maintaining a home. The truth of the matter is that it can actually save you money as well. Many homeowners don’t even consider the fact that the old windows they have in their homes could already be significantly draining their finances. By switching to something newer, they could actually wind up saving a good deal of money. Even if your old windows seem to functioning normally, we have put together a list of four ways that your home’s old windows could actually be costing you money.

Ultraviolet Light

Plain or untreated clear glass windows let in a lot of unfiltered UV light, and these rays are responsible for a lot of the perpetual damage to the inside of your home. A lot of the items inside your home that you know would suffer damage from the sun outside your home are still being damaged by it inside your home, just at a much slower rate. This can mean that your carpet is gradually being discolored, your artwork can be fading, and your furniture and upholstery can become faded as well. Homeowners often find that their blinds will become brittle over time as well, as well as their other window treatment options starting to to discolor and deteriorate as well. If you ever find yourself in a position where you have to replace your home’s drapes, furniture, or rugs because they have been damaged in this manner, you could be looking at a very costly project.

Heat Transfer

Old windows will often times have trouble keeping the heat out during the summer months, and also find it difficult to keep it in during the winter because their frames don’t have the right kind of insulation. Common outdated frame materials, like aluminum, conduct heat directly from the outside to the inside of your home, and vice versa when the temperature drops. If you feel like the temperature is different near your windows from the rest of your home, they could be costing you a small fortune in your energy bills as your heating and air conditioning unit will be working overtime to compensate.


Older windows tend to have a number of tiny cracks within them, even when they seem to close and function properly. Temperature changes cause windows to expand and contract over time, which can then result in tiny cracks throughout the glass, and can even cause your glass to become loose, or break. In addition, the caulking around your home’s windows tends to crumble over time, and the weather stripping fails. This can result in your home becoming drafty and also let in dust, water, and other allergens. Water damage can be extremely inconvenient and expensive to deal with, so it pays to make sure your windows are in good shape from your remodeling contractor.


Older windows are going to generally need more upkeep than new ones, especially if you have older wooden frames. These frames need to be stained or painted frequently, or they can be subject to serious rot. Newer windows are generally designed to require a good deal less maintenance than those of the past couple decades, meaning that you will have to spend less time performing upkeep on your home, and will be able to spend more time enjoying it.

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